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TAP Course List

Northeastern Technical College

Technical Advanced Placement (TAP) is a Northeastern Technical College Program that allows qualified high school students to earn NETC credit by demonstrating mastery of college course competencies. High school students who successfully complete specific high school courses in Career and Technology Education (CTE) and who demonstrate mastery of college course competencies will be awarded exemption credit toward their programs at NETC. The College reserves the right to limit the total number of credit hours awarded per student. For more information about qualifying for TAP see your counselor. TAP credit is given by completing the courses listed below with an 85 average or higher.
High school Course/Program NETC Code NETC Course (Hours)

Accounting 1 ACC 100 Basic Accounting (3) [Waive pre-requisite; Non-degree Accounting]

Accounting 2 (also completed Acctg 1 with 85 or better) ACC 111 Accounting Concepts (3)
Desktop Publishing CPT 270 Desktop Publishing (“Adv. Microcomp. Apps.”) (3)

Early Childhood Education- Central ECD135 Health, Safety, and Nutrition (3) (must be a completer in Early Childhood Education with an overall 85 average or higher)

Entrepreneurship or Virtual Enterprise 2 MGT 120 Small Business Management (3)

Health Science AHS 102 Medical Office Terminology (3) OR

Health Science AOT 115 Medical Office Terminology (3)
(must be a completer in Health Science with an overall average 85 or higher)

Integrated Business Applications I AOT 165 Information Processing Software (3)

Integrated Business Applications I AOT 267 Integrated Information Processing (3)

Integrated Business Applications II AOT 250 Advanced Information Processing (3)