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Dual Enrollment / Dual Credit

We provide direction to students who share interest in the Dual Enrollment/Credit Program. This program provide courses for students through Northeastern Technical College and University of South Carolina-Lancaster. For more information on dual enrollment through these colleges, please click the links below, call 843-921-6931, or contact your high school counselor.

The Difference Between Dual Enrollment and Dual Credit

Dual enrollment means that a student is still in high school and enrolled in a college-level class at the same time; however, the coursework does not meet any high school graduation requirement. Only college credit is earned.

Dual credit means the student may fulfill high school credit along with college credit.



Dual Enrollment

Through dual enrollment, high school students have the opportunity to receive both high school and college credit while still enrolled in high school. 

There are many benefits to participating in dual enrollment in high school beyond accumulating college credit before graduation.



Dual enrollment can

  • Provide a smooth transition from high school to college-level coursework
  • Allow students to graduate from college sooner
  • Help students and their families save money on college tuition
How to Get Dual Credit

Dual credit classes must be approved by the student’s high school guidance counselor to assure they fulfill high school graduation requirements. Contact if you or your counselor have questions about what classes could qualify.