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Central Teacher and Employee of the Month

Teacher of the Month – Ms. Brandi Stewart, Spanish Teacher
Ms. Stewart has made quite an impact on Central High School during her first full month as a teacher.  She has brought a high level of energy and excitement into her Spanish classes.  She works very hard to always be prepared and her classroom is always on task and buzzing with energy.  She greets students in the halls between classes and encourages them to speak Spanish.  Ms. Stewart is always working with students before and after school to help them master the language.  According to sophomore, Kara Arant, “Ms. Stewart is a really good teacher.  She makes learning fun.  I look forward to going to her class every day.  It is my favorite class.”

Employee of the Month – Mr. Seneca Miller, Student Shadow
Mr. Miller has made quite an impact on the Special Education Department at Central High School.  His positive demeanor and work ethic have been a great addition to the school.  Ms. Cagle, Math Teacher, wrote the following about Mr. Miller.  “Today I saw the most beautiful thing.  I witnessed a grown man skipping all the way from the gym to the school building with his special needs student.  I have a tendency to see the negative in things, and this reminded me of all the good there is left in the world.  It built me up tremendously and for that I am thankful, although I am sure it was not his intention.  Mr. Seneca Miller was doing an amazing job with his student.  I am proud to work with him.”