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IGP Forms & 2023-2024 Scheduling

Parents and Students
All 8th - 12th Grade students are required to begin an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP) before the end of each school year. Some students have already selected a career cluster in which they are most interested, while many others have yet to chose one of the career cluster in which they are most interested. Their classes in high school will be matched to the chosen career cluster as closely as possible. Students will have an opportunity every year during high school to change their career cluster interest. Changes in a career cluster will not harm the student, as they will only modify future classes during the scheduling process. Our students are fortunate that Central High School offers 13 of the 16 Federal Career Clusters.
Each Grade level with complete their IGP sessions in the months listed below:
Seniors (12)-August 2023
Juniors (11)- September 2023
Sophmores (10)- October 2023
Freshmen (09)- February 2024
*8th Graders- Need to have IGPs complete by March 2024*
Scheduling for IGP's will be done a month prior to the actual scheduled month.