Parents, if you haven't signed up for Parent Portal, you may do so in guidance. It's a great way to keep up with student grades!



The SAT test will be administered on Wednesday, March 2 to those juniors who signed up for it during fall IGP meetings. SAT information, including practice tests, is available at collegeboard.org.
The ACT will be administered on Tuesday, March 8 to those juniors who signed up during fall IGPs. ACT information, including practice tests, is available at act.org.
Remember that you may take the tests multiple times. You can sign up for Saturday testing through the following websites:
Please contact the guidance department with questions or concerns. 

PSAT October 13

PSAT will be administered to all sophomores on Wednesday, October 13. Any junior who wishes to take the test may sign up in the guidance office. Cost is $15 for juniors. Sophomores test for free. 

At Home Days

Please remember that days at home are intended for learning. If you do not understand how to do the work assigned using notes from class, please use one of the links on my page for help (Khan Academy is a great resource) or contact me for extra help. 


Hi Everybody,

All students will have the opportunity to complete assignments for the Fall Semester until January 6, 2021.  All work must now be completed by that date at 3:30 p.m..  Any work not submitted by that point will be graded as a zero and entered into our grading system.  Please read the next paragraphs VERY CAREFULLY.

Between December 18th and January 4th, all teachers (including myself) will be on Christmas Break.  There will be no one available to answer any questions between those dates.  If you have not completed work and are doing so between December 18 and January 4, you will be doing so on your own as there will be no response to emails from me.  While I would like to be able to continue to answer questions, I won’t be able to do so over the break.  If you have questions, you will have to work through them yourself or watch videos from Khan Academy to receive help.

If there are any zeros in Apex for teacher graded assignments, you may still complete those assignments and email them to me. I will grade them upon return from break.

I would strive to complete all work before break if I were you, as I would not want to do school work over the holiday.

Thank you,

Mrs. Cagle

It's the Final Countdown...

Hi, all!!  I am excited to say that we have exactly one week of virtual school left before the holiday break! I know you all need the break and look forward to it anxiously, as I do. Be sure to complete all your work and do your best, finishing up strong so that you may truly enjoy your time off with your family! 

Virtual Honors Geometry - Final Due Dates

The deadline for virtual coursework is Wednesday, December 16, which gives you a week more than we had originally scheduled. Please use this time wisely, for studying and catching up on missed assignments. Good luck!

The following information is from Mr. Barnhill: 

Central High virtual classes – VirtualSC, Apex, and Google Classroom – please adhere to the following: 

·         All coursework should be completed by 11:59pm on Wednesday, December 16th

·         For those students who will be changing from virtual to face to face for the Spring Semester, devices and hotspots should be returned to Central High School on Thursday, December 17th


Winter MAP Testing

Freshman MAP testing for Virtual students will be Wednesday, December 2 at 9 am for virtual students with last names A-K and Thursday, December 3 at 9 am for virtual students with last names L-Z.

Virtual Honors Geometry - Final Stretch!!! :)

Google Meets Notes


All assignments must be completed and submitted no later than December 9. The final exam is due on Wednesday, December 9. It is 40 multiple choice questions worth 200 total points.


I excluded both the Unit 3 and Unit 4 Teacher graded tests in order to give you time to get caught up to where you should be in the course. I have chosen to exclude the Unit 5 Teacher graded test, as well. You still have to complete the Unit 5 Practice, Journal and Computer graded test in addition to the quizzes.  I have excluded the Unit 6 Practice and Journal, as well. Even without those, you have 8 quizzes to complete this week. 


Please remember to maintain contact and let me know when you need help. I can set up individual meets with you through Google as needed. Work hard this week and next week and finish strong!!!!


This week we have the following assignments due:

  • Monday, November 30: 6.6.3, 6.6.4, and 6.6.5 Quizzes
  • Tuesday, December 1: 6.7.3 and 6.7.4 Quizzes
  • Wednesday, December 2: Nothing due – catch up / study.
  • Thursday, December 3: 6.8.3 and 6.8.4 Quizzes
  • Friday, December 4: 6.9.3 Quiz


*****It is EXTREMELY important to get the teacher graded assignments turned in if you have not (Unit 1 and 2). Those assignments count significantly more than the computer-graded quizzes. For example, one computer graded quiz is 10 points, whereas the teacher-graded practice is 30 points, the teacher-graded journal is 20 points and the teacher-graded test is 50 points. If you only do the multiple choice test, you are technically not able to make more than 50% even if you complete it perfectly.*****


Please read the attached document regarding due dates this week. The end of the semester is quickly approaching, so if you're behind, please work hard to get caught up. Let me know if/when you need help!
Have a safe and happy Thanksgiving Break!!! 

NETC Open House for Juniors and Seniors

Attention Juniors and Seniors, NETC is hosting an Open House event Thursday, November 19th and on Tuesday, November 24th from 11-1. Please come visit the Pageland campus and see all of the new courses they have to offer. Lunch will be provided. You will have to provide your own transportation to this event. Please reply by sending a text message to 843-910-1705 to let us know if you can attend. In the text, provide your name and what date you are attending.

Virtual Pictures Here!

Virtual students who took their school pictures may pick them up in the main office.